1962 Loughboro College of art, England.

1962-1963 Ceramic studios in Denmark and England.

1964 Edinburgh College of art, Skotland.

1964-1967 Camberwell College of Art and Crafts, London.

1967-1968 The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture department.

Own studio since 1970.




1970 Århus Townhall.

1982 Åbenrå Museum.

1997 and 2000 Gallery Anne Marie, Copenhagen.

2001 and 2002 Gallery Rasmus, Copenhagen.

2002 Ceramic Museum, Laholm, Sweden.

2003 and 2005 Gallery Rasmus, Odense.

2005 Gallery Jørgen Østergård, Århus.

2006 Gallerie Rasmus, Kolding.

2011 og 2013 Gallerie Rasmus, Copenhagen.

2012 Galleri 55, Bogense ,Fyn.

2013 Galleri Pictor. Munka Ljungby, Sweden.




1980 The Museum of Applied Art. DK.

1980 The Bangsbo Museum, Frederikshavn, DK

1981 Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, DK.

1983 Charlottenborg, the spring shows, Copenhagen.

1983 Odense Artmuseum, Odense, DK.

1987-88 Scandinavien Design, “ A way of life “, Japan.

1992 Danish-Baltic Crafts Exibition, Copenhagen, Riga, Vilinus, Tallin.

2007 Roskilde Open, Roskilde




1982 The Castle of Krabberup, Sweden.

1987 Invited exhibitor, Formland, Herning

1989 New Glass, Ceramics and Enamels from Scandinavia, London.

1990 Bonhams, Contemporary Ceramics, London.

1993 M.C.Gallery, Vienna.

1995 Handverksform, Hannover, Germany.

1998 Gallery Lærken, Hazerswoude, Holland.

2000 Marienlyst Castle, Helsingør.

2002 Andrew Gold Gallery, Edinburgh and Art Space, Barn Gallery, Aston,England.

2002 Art Space, Barn Galleries Aston, England

2007 Gimsinghoved Art and Culture Centre, Struer

Art Copenhagen, Forum

Gallery Anne Marie. 2000, 2001, 2002

Gallerie Rasmus. 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011, 2012


Art Kunstmesse, Herning

Galleriet Jørgen Østergaard, 2002, 2003, 2004 og 2005,


Sold to

The Art Association of 14. August, Denmark.

The Art Association of Danmarks Nationalbank, Denmark.

Den Danske Bank, Denmark.

Ny Kredit, Denmark.

City Council of Athens, Greece.

HRH Prince Frederik.

ISS Scandinavia, Indoor Climate Award.

Confederation of Danish industries, S.M.E. Initiative Award.

The Danish Institute for Informative Labelling, Jubilee Award.

City Council of Elsinore, Enviromental Award.

The National Society for Promotion of Drama:

Tour Theatre Award and Group Theatre Award, annually since 1993.




Greece 1989-91-95.

France 1992.

Vietnam 1998.

Trinidad / Tobago 1999-2002.

Cuba 2004.

Caribien 2006.




The Augustino Foundation, 1987.

The Beckett Foundation, 1999.

The Danish Bank, 1999.

Received The Solar Foundation award, 2003.

Received Nordea prize, Roskilde 2007.

Member of:

The Association of Danish Craftsman, Dk.​​​​​​​​​​